ATU Local 615 Leadership Elections

November 16th 2016 The Nomination Meeting for Atu Local 615 Elections Was HeldThis Is The Final List.

The Election Will Take Place On December 12th 2016

Brother Jim Yakubowski Acclaimed
Vice President

Brother Garry Howard 

BrotherTyson Materi
Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Brother Darcy Pederson Acclaimed
Recording Secretary

Sister Heather Beck

Brother Al Lim 
Operations Rep 2 Positions

Brother Ferencs Kovacs

Brother Scott Morrison 

Brother Adrien Piche
Maintenance Rep 2 Positions

Sister Janet Sloan Acclaimed
Access Transit Rep 1 Position

Brother Anthony Arthurs 

Sister Jessica Green
OH&S Rep 4 Positions Total: 1 Access 1 Maintenance 1 Operations 1 At Large and 1 Must Be The Opposite Gender

Brother Garry Howard Acclaimed

Brother Tyson Materi Acclaimed

Brother Scott Morrison Acclaimed
Accident Adjudicator 1 Position

Brother Aaron Houk

Brother Gord Kapeller

Sister Sherri Ziegler
Audit Committee 3 Positions

Brother Ferencs Kovacs Acclaimed

Brother Adrien Piche Acclaimed
An election will be held for the third position:
Brother Stevie Hopkins

Sister Deb Knapik Muzyka

Brother Cliff Olynyk

Brother Layne Sillito

Sister Sandy Wright


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