Job Action Begins 12:01 AM Saturday Nov. 12th 2016

Video From Pres Jim Yakubowski




 Your executive has served notice to the employer that in the event an agreement that we can recommend acceptance to is not achieved then we will engage in a work to rule and ban on overtime directive to our membership that would start at 12:01 am Saturday November 12, 2016. The employer has since given us an offer wanting us to simply sign their pension proposal and then await the arbitration ruling. We proposed that if we lose our pension arbitration ruling then we could accept their proposal. But in the event we win the arbitration ruling ,then they would sign our pension proposal. It is obvious that they are not confident they are going to win the arbitration case because they have failed to accept our proposal. Hence your directive to the executive is to engage in job action .  The intent of this directive is to provide the employer further incentive to resolve our outstanding collective bargaining agreement. We believe that there is no alternative other than to act now to send a clear message that we are united and strong in our quest for a fair collective agreement.  If you have any questions, please contact a Union Steward or the Office for clarification.



1. Members shall not work overtime unless ordered to in an emergency situation. Members ordered to work overtime may write a note saying that they are overly tired and that safety is a concern. Give a copy to your supervisor and keep a copy for yourself.

2. All members are to familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations.

3. Drive defensively. Observe all traffic signs and signals. Do not drive faster than the maximum posted speed limit or as road conditions permit.    

4. Follow supervisor’s orders.

5. Before moving a bus in the garage or relieving on the road, do a walk around and check for defects, damage etc. If in garage call dispatch and have the bus defects attended to.

 6. You have the right to refuse unsafe work.

 7. Get plenty of rest to help reduce stress.

 8. Exercise good judgment, common sense, immense patience; be civil and forward any concerns to an A.T.U. Representative.



 1. Safety must never be sacrificed for schedule.

 2. Report to dispatch at report time, not early.

 3. Do a radio check before leaving the garage; all vehicles should require a working radio

 4. Familiarize yourself with the applicable Operations rulebook and bulletins.

 5. Spare board Operators; check your work against sign-up sheets. 

 6. If you are required to back up a bus and no one is around, call control and request assistance from a supervisor.

 7. Change over defective buses. If ordered to carry on advise control of the safety breach.

 8. Do not volunteer to do change overs. Should a supervisor order you to do one confirm that it is an emergency and book the overtime.

 9. Call control to advise them if you are more than six minutes late.

 10. Move in and out of service stops smoothly and carefully.

 11. Make good use of your Transit Route maps.

 12. When aiding customers with concerns or dealing with other driving distractions (conversing with control) pull bus over to a safe location.

 13. Use caution approaching crowded bus stops.

 14. Position your bus within 6 inches from the curb.

 15. Ensure vehicle is fully stopped before opening doors.

 16. Keep the steps clear and clean. Avoid congestion in the doorways.

 17. Do not load passengers past designated line.

 18. Give other motorists plenty of advance warning of your intentions.

 19. Allow all passengers to position themselves safely in the bus before proceeding.

 20. During all phases of operation between stops make all manoeuvres gradually and safely.

 21. Check mirrors to ensure patrons are clear of the bus before proceeding.

 22. Do an out of service bus check at your last stop and arrive at the fare box at your scheduled time.  

 23. Spareboard Operators check your running boards for discrepancies (e.g. report and clear times, travel times).

 24. Operators should not accept a shift with a spread time or total of more than 13 hours. Call a Union Official if you receive such a shift.

 25. To insure the safety of your co-workers and the public please follow all rules, procedures and operating orders.  



 1. Walk around all vehicles before moving them.

 2. Any safety defects found on vehicle – document and report to supervisor.

 3. If necessary to back a vehicle up make sure someone is there to assist.

 4. Use 2 persons when lifting cabs, springs etc. Do not risk injury.

 5. Do not volunteer to help other employees from different areas perform their jobs. Request supervisor to assign assistance.

 6. Do not combine trips for parts.

 7. Use safety stands under all vehicles.

 8. When doing change off use defensive driving, follow rules of the road.

 9. Cleaning crew, as always, `do a thorough job.

 10. Do a proper vehicle check before leaving garage for change off.

 11. Use exhausts hook ups.

 12. If bus is mechanically unsafe (brakes, steering etc.) to drive call for a tow truck.

 13. Follow WHMIS guidelines at all times.

 14. Personal protective equipment should be obtained and used.

 15. Ask supervisor to remove worn/damaged (unsafe) tools from service. Check equipment before you use it.


OFFICE and Dispatch

Thorough reporting procedures to be used at all times.

Take your scheduled breaks (coffee, lunch etc.).

 Leave work on time. If management does not schedule enough time for you to finish it is not your responsibility.

 Do not volunteer for additional shifts.

 In addition to the above, common sense must prevail. As always we suggest that you follow these rules each and every day of the year. This will make for a safer and more rewarding work place. Do not break any work place rules as management will be watching you.

 Thank you for your co-operation as we struggle to negotiate a better work place for you. There is great strength in unity.


In Solidarity,




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