Press Release September 21st 2016


mercer-report MERCER REPORT




ATU 615 Members,

Please review the attached document that was provided to us by Optimum Consultants a certified reputable actuarial firm that we hired to give us their opinion on the status of the pension plan, using the information given to us during the bargaining process and afterwards. I am also attaching a portion of the pension presentation given to the group of us from Mercer  On October 29,2013. Mercer who was there speaking on behalf of the City of Saskatoon states that the risk of contribution rates is not acceptable. You will note in the Optimum document that at the point of bargaining the true financial picture of the plan was available ,but the city presentation from Mercer does not reference this whatsoever. All of our statements we have made in relation to the pension issue, are confirmed in this Document .  



ATU 615 Executive,


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